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Our Cats . . .

Champion Nite Stalker's Somerset of Britacoon (aka: Summer). DOB: 04/12/01

Summer is a Brown and White Classic Tabby (Pictured here at 6 months of age). Summer is the first in our breeding program and will be tested in April 2002 for HCM. Summer earned the title of Champion and now we are now working on getting her points to make her a GRAND CHAMPION.

Grand Premier Nite Stalker's Mystic Misty (aka: Misty). DOB: 11/27/98

Misty is a Brown Patch Classic Tabby. She was my very first female Maine Coon, I had no clue what a gem of a cat she was and that she had the boning of a male. Misty was retired from the show hall in July 2001.
Grand Premier Makanacoon's McIntosh of Britacoon (aka: Mac). DOB: 06/09/99

Mac is a Red Classic Tabby. He came into my life the day my 11-year orange/cream colored tabby alley cat passed away. I went to Pat Taylor's house and I saw Mac and picked him up and never put him down, so Mac holds a very special place near and dear to my heart! Mac is known for his size at 22 pounds (all pure love) and his constant cooing in the house to get attention. This is where the name "Gentle Giant" comes to life! Mac was retired from the show hall in September 2001.

Makanacoon's Bonnie Blu of Britacoon (aka: Bonnie). DOB: 10/29/00

Bonnie is a Blue Classic Tabby. She is our stay at home Maine Coon and is the half sister of Mac. It is obvious that she is related to Mac because she likes to talk and coo as much as he, but she doesn't have his size. Bonnie is petite and shy with a great ruff and coat. Bonnie has basically become my husband's cat, even though I do the feeding, grooming and the cleaning of litter boxes.
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